The NorthShore Neurological Institute at Northwest Community Healthcare provides minimally invasive treatments for a broad spectrum of neurological conditions and disorders.

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Bringing comprehensive, world-class care to our community

Our collaborative team of board-certified specialists have been recognized globally for innovation in the treatment of brain, head and neck conditions and disorders.

Using a patient-centered care model – made possible by our unique position as a local community healthcare provider – we tailor each and every patient’s individual care plan to centralize their care, provide comfort and support and achieve the best possible patient outcomes.

Brain tumors (Neuro-oncology)

We leverage proprietary technology and advanced surgical approaches to provide leading-edge surgical treatment options for primary (glioblastomas) and metastatic brain tumors, designed to preserve healthy brain tissue and create personalized data-driven care plans for each patient. Innovative procedures developed and/or performed by our surgeons include:

  • Conscious surgery
  • Minimally invasive surgery
  • Deep brain surgery

As an integrated team we work hand-in-glove to deliver the care you need and have a collective global network with our colleagues across the world to provide the best care we can for you as a part of the global community.

Cerebral vascular/stroke

Cerebral vascular conditions such as aneurysm, cerebral vascular malformations, sinus thrombosis, carotid artery disease and stroke (ischemic and hemorrhagic) affect blood flow to the brain, making timely and proper diagnosis of the utmost importance.

We employ the latest technology to quickly and accurately gain a thorough understanding of your condition. As an integrated team that perform the full spectrum of procedures both novel minimally invasive approaches, as well as, a two decade experience with fellowship trained subspecialities to perform complex cerebrovascular procedures, we can offer you a collective opinion that is designed for your specific needs.

Once our team has determined the proper course of care, they will use the latest minimally invasive techniques — including endovascular surgery, robotic surgery and radiosurgery, as well, conventional open procedures as appropriate — to aid in restoring blood flow and minimizing associated risks.

Facial pain

We understand the effect that undiagnosed or untreated facial pain syndromes can have on your everyday life. Whether you are struggling with trigeminal neuralgia or any other condition, our collaborative and multidisciplinary approach helps to reduce or eliminate your pain and improve your quality of life.

Dr. Amin Kassam is considered one of the leading experts in the world on trigeminal neuralgia, glossopharyngeal neuralgia and hemifacial spasm, having treated patients from across the globe.

From minimally invasive key-hole surgery to stereotactic radiosurgery (including CyberKnife), our team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, ENT surgeons and radiation oncologists will work with you to find a path forward.

General neurology

Our general neurosurgery program provides comprehensive treatment options for a variety of general neurological disorders including chiari malformations and hydrocephalus.

From expert and accurate diagnosis to medication and surgical intervention to rehabilitation, our specialists provide the full spectrum of care for our patients.

Pituitary disorders

The pituitary gland, also called the “master gland,” produces important hormones regulating important functions such as blood pressure, growth, metabolism, reproduction and more.

From benign growths called adenomas to conditions such as acromegaly and Cushing’s syndrome, we provide comprehensive treatment options to restore normal function, including transsphenoidal endoscopic surgical resection, traditional radiation therapy and/or stereotactic radiosurgery.